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Thursday, 25 April 2013


hi folks,

well we thought we would have a few days away, so packed Winnie and went west to Henley off the M25 of all places.

Here is Winnie on plot number 115, in the sunshine, she has electricity, drainage and hot and cold water. 

Here is one of her neighbours, I think I might swap Winnie for one of these Silverbacks (um, second thoughts, it would not fit on my drive), maybe I will stick with Winnie!

After lunch we walked into the town, about 7-8 minutes, this was our first sight of the River Thames at Henley, across the river you can see the preparations for the Henley Regatta this Summer.

Flower in bloom, perhaps spring is here, don't hold your breath.

There were an abundance of Mallards all trying to have their wicked way with each other.  This one was showing off to his mate.

From the other side of the river this Boat house looked very nice.

View towards the bridge with boats in the foreground.

We had a lovely walk and finished off with a coffee and rather delicious cake.

Well a bit of a problem with poor internet connection which I think is a joke in this part of the world and the site charged £3 per day which is £90 plus a month, what a way to rip people off.
Anyway, thanks for looking, moving on tomorrow.

Best regards, Mike.


  1. When are you buying a house on the river Mike.
    To people living in that area £90 in nothing, like you spending a £5

    Good shots, Mike

  2. Oh Mike, such a lovely place and Winnie is
    looking so good !
    Have a great time away both .....
    Chris and Dave R

  3. One needs to be rich in Henley, so be prepared to be ripped off well an truly. glad to hear you are having a lovely time. Does Winnie know you are thinking of trading her in for a bigger model. Mrs Egg.

  4. Cor what a smashing place Mike ... love to live there but the council tax must be an arm and a leg job! Stay where I am I think! ... Pleased you are having a good time and just love the pictures ... keep 'em coming! E xxx