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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Not so Dull Dungeness after all!

Hi folks,

well this is the last of train series and the coast.

On arrival we came across a mini scooter rally outside the cafe.

What a sight!!  This one could certainly see in the dark!!

I love Marmite!

Strange Scooter eh!

Even a Morris Minor.

Old ships anchor slowly rusting away on the grass.

One of the two lighthouses by the Power station.

We then came across a row of Morgans, this was getting better and better.

The people at Dungeness have a great way with unwanted objects, these are old paint brushes stuck in the ground, all different colours

This one was a front "garden", notice all the arty bits scattered about making the best of their rubbish in soil that doesn't grow much.

As there is no rich soil, the locals have to improvise and make do with things washed up on the beach which they use to "decorate" their gardens.

Lastly just before we all departed along came a Triumph Herald, what a lovely sight.

Thanks for tagging along on our day out.


Best regards, Mike


  1. Amazing imagination of some people, using unwanted items and making sculptures great. look forward to Henley.

  2. fabulous post ... just great pictures and so entertaining Mike .
    loved 'em all! ..
    Ooooo Henley... sounds interesting.
    E xx

  3. Great Picture Mike. For information the round house to the left of the Lighthouse is the base of a former light house so you could say that Dungeness has three lighthouses.

  4. So 'Quirky' Mike.....Great variety of unusual-nessssss !
    Love the paint brushes and the triumph herald, brings back memories....Thanks Mike, wonderful post !
    Chris and Dave R