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Sunday, 7 April 2013


Hi folks,

we are on the way home after the Easter break and what a cracking Monday it was too. After saying goodbye to Gloria and Tony and thanking them again for their help we set off.  Not for home but to check out another site in Tenterden which looked promising for the future. After a stop in a wooded area for lunch we trundled on to Woodchurch to check out there Kentish Smock Windmill which was supposed to be open Bank Holiday Monday. We parked up in the town and started to make our ascent towards the windmill.

Up and up we went, it looks lovely BUT it was perishing cold I tell you.

We reached the top only to find it was shut so Sue wrote a polite note of complaint and posted it through the letterbox, not that it will do any good but it made us feel a bit better. We looked on their website when we got home and sure enough "open Bank Holiday Monday's from Easter".

What Next? we said, on walking back down the hill with the silly sheep laughing at us we spied the Church and made a bee line for it. The Spire is 18 inches (46 cm for you new folk) out of the vertical at the top, so if it looks crooked that's because it is.
An unusual part of the Spire is that it houses four clock faces, an expensive addition at the time.

On the side wall has a sundial lit up in the bright spring light

And the front entrance had an unusual round castle like tower and castellated walls, very unusual.

In the churchyard I spied these flowers which looked real and it fooled me for a bit till I got home and blew it up on the computer and noticed the plastic ring inside the blooms.

Still feeling a bit fed up with the windmill up there on the hill in the wind, we turned around to 

see this wonderful carved door which ushered us inside the Church.

See what we found inside on the next blog.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Pity about the windmill being closed, another visit needed, photos make it look like spring with the sun shining, can't feel the cold and the wind on my computer. great church door.funny name for a pub.

  2. Nice one Mike, but if you had time you should have gone to the Museum of country Life. I have been their twice.

    Woodchurch is a lovely place to visit.

    The Morris Minor Club is going later in the year for a drive out.

    Well done

  3. Hi Mike, variety is the spice of they say
    and you certainly give us variety......A great post with lots of interest !!! Love the church door....
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Oh gawd ... that pub brings back some VERY strange memories! Karen,Miffy, Ken and I were all staying in nearby Appledore one Christmas a few years back and I had booked us all in to that pub for Christmas lunch .. What a disaster! It was sooooo bad we laugh at the memory ... to give you a taster... the first course(Prawn cocktail)had been prepared hours earlier and left to form a 'skin' on the top of the sauce! .. The main course was tasty but the service was dire!... The poor landlady was doing all the work as her husband was 'drinking with his mates' and ignoring his pub FULL of customers.. after one drink we could not get served.... so after the main meal we left quickly... so did lots of others and the landlady was embarrassed enough with the shame of it all, to give me a huge plate of cheeses and biscuits to take away with us! ... The plate was.... cracked! lol

    1. Oh dear, Eileen, there was a bloke sitting outside a bit worst for wear when we got there, perhaps that was him. Did you return the plate? Glad you had a good time away. xxx