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Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Church with a Difference

Hi folks,

Today we visited the amazing church named St Margaret's in Rochester, from the outside it looks strange with its 14th century tower and the 17th century building.

It overlooked the river Medway with a nice view, lots of daisies on the green.

Inside there was lots of activity and you could sense strange things were going on.

There were the usual things you associate with a church.

But look closely and you will spot the....... Trains!

ships and boats.

and even a model of the Medway Queen going backwards.

This was all to raise money for the church and give the local model clubs somewhere to show their fantastic exhibits.

Another surprise awaited us but that will have to wait for the next blog.

Thanks for looking, Luv Mike


  1. What a brilliant idea.... The building is used by the community and still retains the respect and dignity it deserves.. Lovely pictures, Mike. E

  2. Great shiots Mike and a great idea to raise money for the church !
    Always love the stained glass too !
    Chris and Dave R