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Friday, 2 May 2014

Bletchley Park

Hi folks,
continuing on in the main museum there is a special sculpture of Alan Turing who lead the team that built and developed the machines.

The Lorenz Cipher Machines were used for messages passed between German Army Field Marshals and their Generals on the front lines and German High Command.  In 1945 the American Army captured a communications vehicle with its' Lorenz machine in Italy.

Below is the Lorenz Schlusselzusatz SZ40 Cipher Attachment.

Another view of the "motor wheels"

The electro mechanical Bombe developed by Gordon Welchman.

Across the car park is the Colossus Gallery. 

A presentation was given of the machine and the help of old GPO equipment it has been rebuilt and is now working.

Close up of the tape spools which held the information to be analyzed.

Rear view of the machine giving an idea of its size with many valves

A few valves in this machine which was originally designed by Tommy Flowers.

Sue was really taken by this wall hanging and the story surrounding it.

Thanks for looking for more information, click the LINK

Luv, Mike


  1. How lucky you are. Been wanting to get to Bletchley for many years. But it never happens. Since retirement even less time. Pictures look good. I understand its been through a refurbishment. The radio club got kicked out I gather from a 40m qso I had.

  2. Hi Mr Mechanic, Great photos of your visit to Bletchley.Glad to know that it has been refurbished. and the quilting so simple and artistic. Mrs Egg.

  3. Great pictures,as always, and a most enjoyable post ... does my head in just thinking how clever they were to have designed and built those giant machines and what they could do!
    Eileen xx

  4. A fascinating insight Mike ! The Quilt is splendid and took some time to make.......
    A great post Mike,
    Chris and Dave R

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