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Monday, 26 May 2014


Hi folks,

just a short blog as we have been away.

As we came home Sunday last week we thought a day later the following weekend to the club event would not be a bad idea.

Well we had a great time Saturday and Sunday with the fantastic Kent and Sussex Auto Camping Club and as I time this is posted we are still there.

Sunday morning shot of all the club vans at Caravans at Rye Rugby Club. Started out sunny with I counted  about14 units on site

Looking over the fence at the sheep munching away in the early morning.

View across the marshes and more sheep.

Winnie with everybody fast asleep and Marks Football flag flying in the wind and the sound of snoring and sheep munching the grass.

Lastly we took a walk into the town and added these two to the expanding group of swaying toys, what a sad lot we are. The new ones are the smiling flower and the swaying Tweety Pie, the Monkey came from Wales.

Short and sweet and it is now chucking it down with rain on a typical Bank Holiday Monday.

Thanks for looking and thanks to the club committee for a smashing weekend.

Luv, Mike


  1. Hi Michael and Sue, Thanks for a sunny blog. Love the bouncy toys.Glad you both had a smashing time. Mrs Egg.

  2. Glad weekend went well. Mowed all 6.2 lawns today. Gloriouse day from 1200 hrs onwards. Grass was dry. Yesterday was very bad weather. We stayed in all day. I was very tired. Don't know why. We got over it.

  3. Love the cloud formations, those little 'munching' sheep and 'swaying' toys........What are you like !
    Of course Mike it always rains on Bank holidays ! !
    Chris and Dave R