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Monday, 19 May 2014

Talgarth Mill

hi folks, sorry about the delay but being in Wales created a problem with internet access. So now home I can continue with our trip.

Wednesday morning we packed up to go across to the Forest of Dean.

Last look at the Black Mountains before we left.

Early morning dew and a slight frost on the ground.

Then on to Talgarth Mill, very hard to get a picture of the Mill as its wheel is on the opposite side adjacent to the building, you can just see the wheel through the trees.

Close up of the wheel, in 2010 this 18th century mill was restored with money raised from various sources including a National Lottery Grant.  It was originally a corn mill grinding crops used in bread, beer and animal feed but after the decline in the industry it became a dentists, butchers and builders yard.  There was alot of destruction to a building which had been a central part of the community

Wheel on the roll, so to speak.

We had a tour of the mill and saw the cogs and wheels made mainly from wood which make it run very quietly.

Then a unique view of the stones which lucky for us they were having a clean up.  You can see the wooden cover removed to enable the excess flour to to be removed.

Outside the water cascaded down the overflow sluce when the wheel is stationary.

Very interesting visit and thanks to Ken and Heather for directing us there. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a cream tea as a reward, very nice it was too, the scones were baked from flour milled at the Mill.  There was a little shop selling various flours and bread kits which included the yeast.

Thanks for looking, luv Mike.


  1. Hi Mr Part time Mechanic. Great blog, The watermill is fantastic, I love it when I hear that people are willing to bring back a bit of history.Welcome back I missed you both. Mrs Egg.

  2. A lovely post Mike........Love mountains and cream teas, I bet those scones were delicious, my mouth is watering at the thought ! Glad your both safely home !
    Chris and Dave R