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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Another Church with Hidden Gems.

Hi folks,
after the mill we were intrigued with the sight of the church perched high on top of Talgerth town so after summoning up the energy we climbed the steep hill to investigate it.

Well it was worth every step, let me introduce you to The Church of Saint Ellwye which is situated at the foot of the Black Mountains in the Brecon Beacons National Park. We arrived at just the right time as the light hit the front of the building.

In the entrance porch we were greeted by this rather large Welsh Flag.

The Church had the usual scenario of being dark and difficult to photograph until I looked to the right hand side and noticed the sun streaming through the windows.

I made a bee line for them just at the right time to capture the windows in all their glory. The sun was streaming in giving a lovely reflection on the wall and the sill below.

Below the second window was a chair and the light from the window scattered all down the wall, over the chair and onto the floor.

Looking around the rest of the church I was drawn to the Organ with all its wonderful colours

The first and second world war memorial was a simple table with picture frames containing medals and above the role of honour remembering those lost in the two wars.

This one is for our follower Chris showing the wonderful tapestry on the 18th century pulpit.

Back out in the sunlight this year 2000 seat.

View from the rear of the church showing the Welsh green countryside

Thanks for looking, I hope you enjoyed it at much as we did.

luv, Mike


  1. Hi Mr part time Mechanic.Wonderful blog, loved the fabulous windows, the lighting was great. the garden looked very peaceful. it sure was worth the climb. Mrs Egg.

  2. Oh Mike......Did I enjoy this post ? I soooooo did ! I think you captured the true essence of a
    great post ! ! The sunlight through the stained glass is awesome and the tapestry, so beautiful.....
    I also love the last shot...the way you've taken it at an angle to show a great perspective and all those fluffy little clouds......smashing !
    Chris and Dave R