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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What a Difference a Day Makes

Hi folks,

woke up in the morning and it was grey again, not raining but grey and threatening. So with brolly and camera and the wife Sue off we trundled to get our last look at the Llangorse Lake.
We walked up to the Reception shop to check out their offerings and bought a couple of chocolate bars to keep up our strength up.

Looking across the lake at the Crannog, still a bit gloomy, then it started to rain.

It never really came to much and then started to pick up, here are some Marsh Marigolds.

Bogbean, what an unusual name!

Then just like magic the rain stopped, the clouds parted and the sun beamed through.

This resident horse on the common, later in the day as the sun got a bit weaker.

I donned the wide angle lens and had a wonderful hour just doing what I like best, taking photographs. 

Across the lake with the Crannog in the distance. this is a ancient island, man made and built on oak pilings

As the sun went down I returned to Sue and the van a very happy man. What a wonderful day it turned out to be in the end.

Thanks for looking, luv Mike


  1. Well Mike it just gets better ! Where do I begin ? Bogbean.....this is a new one to me, fascinating !
    The penultimate shot is absolutely stunning and the last one, Sun setting behind the trees is so lovely. You've done yourself proud Mike.......Happy holidays,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Sorry I have not been on as we camped in the Forest of Dean so no internet. Should be in a better location tomorrow. Luv Mike XXXXX.

  3. Great picture Mike.

    Faversham car show and it was hot and sunny 20+
    Love the swan and horse.