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Sunday, 4 May 2014

St Margaret's, the Long Climb

Hi folks,

Well I had to think long and hard about this but as it was last September I had the operation on my knee. Could I go up the church tower or not, so I decided along with Margaret, Sue and Betty who is 80 years young to go for it. Slowly we climbed the spiral staircase all 78 steps to the top and what a view.
First is a panoramic shot of the Castle and the Cathedral.

Then the river with lots of boats moored and Strood behind.

Classic Chatham with its Pentagon (centre) Town Hall to the left, Gillingham Naval Memorial (Top centre) and the Medway Maritime Hospital (top right)

Two tall Towers, The Quays to the left  and Chatham Dockyard to the right.

Old Rochester Bridge, you can just see the Edith May's sails in the foreground.

Rochester Castle.

Rochester Cathedral.

Finally a Gargoyle from the top of the tower with a band around his head that I think resembles a cat.

Hope you enjoyed the view, thanks for looking.

Luv, Mike


  1. Were these all taken from the church tower Mike ?
    I love these high panoramic views, you can see so much ! Of course the photographer has done a Stirling job once again........Well done Mike, fabulous weather here for bank holiday, have a great day both ,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. Yes Chris, bit of a struggle but I got there. XXXXX

  2. Hi Mr holiday man Fabulous views from the top of church tower, the climb was really worth the effort. even if it was a little hair raising Glad you were able to struggle to the top. Mrs Egg.

  3. Ok, now read blog. Wonderful views from that tower. Getting envious of your activitys. All I do since retirement is solid work for no pay. Today mowed 6 lawns, washed the car inside out, clean floors and some laundry , but managed to visit phil just as the rain came down. Imanaged on the radio yesterday just briefly to hear Collin G3vtt on his morse key, he was rattling away at 30 wpm talking to another G3. Nice to hear him. He was on 80m. Nearly ready for your visit, so take it steady.