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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Talgarth Mill and its Inner Workings

Hi folks,

just a few more of this fascinating Mill. yesterday I showed the mill stones being cleaned and this is it all back together again. Note the hopper and the bell to tell the miller the level of the grain.

Here you can see the "Damsel" in the centre of the stones distributing the flour. the Damsel is a three sectioned metal bar which took the place of the Millers daughter who stured the grain by hand with a rod..

Hence the name...Damsel in distress.

Outside was a pretty garden with flower is some unusual places.

Sculptures too. not sure what this one represents but you could sit in it.

This bag tickled me standing in the window sill.

The source of the water from upstream.

After the water had done it's job it carried on through the town under a bridge and on it's way. This scene reminds me of Nora Batty in "Last of the Summer Wine", see the washing out to dry.

Thanks for dropping bye, luv Mike


  1. Hi Mr Part time Mechanic. See what you mean about Nora Batty, and the washing. interesting information about the working mill. Mrs Egg.

  2. Love the 'floral footwear '........And the damsel in distress is fascinating !
    Gonna be a lovely day today Mike and Sue.....enjoy yours,
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Yes Mike half is missing on FB
    Great blog