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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Brecon Town Visit

Hi folks,

View out of the van window this morning, well what a difference after all the rain.

After breakfast we popped into Brecon for a look around and to investigate the canal. Nice  sign as you walk into the town.

I have done this shot before but I never tire of it. Love the Cottages and the canal boat in the foreground.

Off they go on 2 hour boat ride.

This sign board is new, shaped like a canal boat it adds to the surroundings without looking out of place.

Modern art sculpture looks natural at the foot of the canal.

 Brecon Cathedral entrance, a lovely place and well worth a blog on its own when I get home.

I the grounds by the Deans car park is a small almost misable sculpture of a dog digging a hole.

Returning to the town from the Cathedral high up the hill I spied this water torrent coming down from the hills.

Strange Welsh language sign in and "Outdoor" Shop  the bottom words mean Women's.

Thanks for looking, Luv Mike.


  1. Heather and I visited the Cathedral some time ago. It was having new lighting installed at the time with scaffold everywhere, but not been back since. I remember taking photos,but finding them will be a problem amongst several thousand. Again wonderful photos.

  2. Also been to the theatre by the river several times, Its worth going if your ever back again providing something of interest is on. WE saw Ken Dodd last. prior to that was Cannon and Ball, Julian LLoyd webber, Peter Donygon , the late Lonny Donygon's son and a few more.

  3. Well certainly looks a nice place Mike....... What a lovely view to wake up to !
    A gorgeous day weatherwise today so hope you enjoyed it.......Loved the 'dogs behind' by the way !
    Chris and Dave R