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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Prague, My View # 7

Hi folks,

not sure I can keep up with the church in blog # 6 but we left and proceeded down into the town. On the way we passed a chap laying the cobbles that were all over the town in varying sizes.

Although in was summer the restaurants still laid out blankets to keep you warm in the chilly evenings which I thought was a nice touch. The food in Prague was very reasonable as well.

This house caught my eye tucked between the tall buildings.

This old disused water pump with its handle was still on the streets which I thought was a nice touch.

Back to the river and the St Vitus Cathedral in the distance surrounded by Prague Castle.

If you are following the entire blog you will recognise the coat of arms on the tram overhead line post symbolizing the city with the three towers and the outstretched arm with the sword.

This was a nice touch on a street corner.

In a small square we had a sit and marveled at the war memorial with all its detail.

After a rest we set about finding our next building a modern two pointed spire with an old church beneath which we had seen from the boat last year. Thanks for popping in, Mike


  1. Hi Michael. nice house and a nice touch having a statue on the corner of the house, The man laying he stones looks very busy. Mrs Egg.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks both, Trevor did you look at #6?

  3. The war memorial statues looks very fierce. Love the blankets... they would get nicked over here!
    Lovely clear, detailed shots Mike.Yes, good pictures from a lovely blog . Exxx