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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Prague, My View # 21

Hi folks,

well it's up in the air day today. Indeed, quite high in fact to the top of the Petrin Tower on the far side of the river high up on the hill. We cheated and used the train up.

Through the gardens we went looking for the tower in the trees and hoping the weather cleared.

And as if by magic, blue skies.

Well not quite by the time we queued and climbed the thing. The view was fantastic from the top, you can see the river snaking through the city.

Looking down in the gardens below.

Great view of St Vitus Cathedral in it's Castle courtyard.

and of course the famous Charles Bridge that got into so many photographs.

Then it was time to go, back down the Tower and the Vehicular Railway and back to the hotel.

Thanks for looking, Mike

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