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Thursday, 16 July 2015

Prague, My View, #17

Hi folks,

Late in the day now so a trip up the river was on the cards before the light goes.

Charles Bridge with the Old Town Bridge Tower still to climb on the far bank, that's the dark one that is which like the one on the other side it's arch straddles the bridge.

Going up river on the right is Sue's Penguins in yellow which act as a navigation aid into the lock.

Due to a Weir we turned and proceeded back up the river and under the Charles Bridge again.

Svatopluk Cech Bridge with it's ornate statues. We had lunch a couple of days later by the river under the canopies on the other bank.

and Serpents of the other side.

Close up of the Serpents and the City Crest.

Lastly a view of the River Vltava showing the Weir, the Lock was on the right hand side.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. I Prague it their. I Prague it here, in fact I Prague it every where. Wonderful pictures Michael.
    Looks glorious over their.

  2. These are probably the best scenic pictures you have taken Mike only because it's Prague, nothing to do with your skills. It's the architecture and colours bring the city to life.