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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Prague, My View #16

Hi again folks,

Short one text wise but relevant to my generation as I and many others were bought up with this man. May I present John Lennon's wall.

The wall and the pub are down by the river and next to the Charles Bridge...enjoy.

Got to finish with the padlocks which the keys are thrown into to river.

This chap picks them up!

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. What make you think they like John Lennon in Prague, Is the little man going to jump in to collect the keys for the locks. Mrs Egg.

    1. Well he was an Icon. See the ladder, that's so that he can climb down and get the keys

  2. Oh my word ... love all the colour in this post .... smashing tribute to John and the Beatles...
    Great posting Mike !
    That little man/sprite is an ugly chap! lol