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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wey too much Fun!

Hi again folks,
now for some fun with the Guildford Lions Raft Race.

Some of the rafts were like floats and some, well take a look. All the teams had to cross a bridge to the start line like this.

Some took the easy way and got a tow.

Some were finished on the river bank.

Very smart they looked too, with the American theme all the way, well it was the 4th of July.

Then there was this lot, bless them, wonderful set up but will it float?

Then the start, what a sight, water water every where.

Some chap lost his beer and dived off to retrieve it.

Remember the Stella lot, well keep an eye on them in the next few pictures.

Well it had to happen but they enjoyed themselves and that was at the start line.

Back to the race and I have no idea who won but they and we all had a good laugh and raised some money for the local Guildford Lions Club.

Thanks for looking and next time you see a Lion with a bucket, drop some change in and help the local community.  Thanks for looking, Regards, Mike


  1. Love the 'Houston we have a problem !' sign. You really captured the day, Mike. I so enjoyed this post . The pictures said it all and I was laughing out loud as I went through them !
    E xxx

    1. Glad it put a smile on your face, we really enjoyed the weekend. XXX