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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Prague, My View #10

Hi again folks,
as said in the last blog, Prague is a wonderful place as was this next building. Sandwiched between two conventional buildings was the Jubilee Synagogue out on its own away far from the Jewish area and near the railway station.

We entered and was immediately struck by the amount of colour and gold throughout the building. the inside was even better than shown in the guidebook that I had purchased on the was home after the Christmas Prague trip. I hope the images show splendor of this magical place of worship.

On the first floor was the organ and a photographic display.

Thanks for looking, Mike.

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  1. Just when you think its not going to get any better... it does. What a fabulous Country to visit. I'm blown away by your pictures of the buildings and this is glorious!
    Super post again with so much to see. Thanks Mike.
    Eileen xxx