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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Back to Prague, My View # 9

Hi folks,
well it's time to return to this wonderful place which to Sue and I was full of surprises. Every day something new appeared as if by magic from nowhere. Take the main railway station for example, to look at the outside you would be in two minds as if to pull it down it looked very scruffy with a dual carriageway with loads of traffic going past the front, not very inviting at all. the sides were actually boarded up. If you look closely you can see the wonderful decorations to the front.

We found the place after leaving the Metro to actually find a Synagogue but entered the railway station and decided to have a coffee and a look around.

It as very busy with lots of people milling about with it's "modern" style  architecture.

Then we by chance spotted the escalator which lead to the "Historical Building" so up we went.

At the top we could not believe our eyes, above us was a magnificent foyer all decked out in the Art Nouveau Station and looked beautiful, yet another gem from Prague.

Beautiful Crests adorned the walls and ceilings.

Close up of the central arch with its figurines on both sides with reference to the 1918. when the Station was first built.

Another shot of the ceiling with it's Crests.

Close up of one of the single heads on the side walls.

Finally a little bit of history about Woodrow Wilson who was the 28th President of the United States and had a close relationship with the Czech Republic, the Station was called the Woodrow Wilson Station until the German invasion when a large statue outside the station was demolished by the Germans and the name changed to Main Station. Wilson helped in the independence of Czechoslovakia after World War One.
Plaque on the station wall with an inscription that was originally on the statue at the front of the station that was destroyed by the Germans in WW2.

Another Gem in the Prague Crown, thanks for looking, Mike

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  1. Very interesting post, Mike.. the old station is jaw - dropping-ly beautiful... thanks for the lovely clear pictures . I love the colours and all the details.... stunning stuff! really enjoyed this post....
    Eileen xx