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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Prague, My View # 15

Hi again folks,
we got a tram back to Charles Bridge and I took this shot and still to this day wonder how they did it. The people behind were tourists and although it looks like they were involved they were only by standers I loved the lady on the left peering and trying to work the illusion out. Well worth a couple of crowns.

Each side of the Charles Bridge there are towers and my mission was to climb both. This shot was looking down from where the trumpeters were in the Christmas blog, if you remember.

At the top and after I had got my breath back I admired the view across the City of Spires.

This was another view from the guide book that inspired our return. Shame the light was a bit dim but never mind the next day I would try from the other tower across the river which you can see.

View through the Tower.

Looking up the hill towards  Prague Castle with Spires everywhere.

The Church of St Nicholas from the Tower.

Finally a view from the bottom of St Nicholas from the ground as we walked back across the bridge on our journey back across the river.

Thanks for taking the time to look, Mike.


  1. Hi Michael, what unusual shots, Amazing photo of the two men, I thought you might have known how they did it. Mrs Egg.

  2. I studied that picture of the two blokes and cannot see how they do it! ... amazing! . more wonderful pictures, Mike... super post of a fabulous city... Eileen xx