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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Fun and Games at Womenswold

Hi folks,
Just one blog more from our fantastic weekend away with the Kent and Sussex Auto Camping Club.

John who commented on the last blog stating that he was born on the village and mentioned the school well here it is, now a training centre.

Was this your house John?

Not much of a picture although there is at telephone inside it, I don't think it has much use with the amount of vegetation inside it

Just round the corner from the camp site.

Then on Saturday evening the fun and games started thanks to Jackie and Dave, great fun was had by all. Frank trying to scupper the game as usual.

One of the many games they brought along this was to try and pick up the "radio active" bucket with just rope and an elastic strap, brilliant idea.

After we all settled down to Bush Tucker Trials YUCK.

Smashing weekend, great company and great weather.

Thanks for looking, Mike