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Thursday, 2 July 2015

Prague, My View # 8

Hi folks,
moving on after our rest we eventually fount this unique two spire Church we had seen from the river.
This was the church of St Mary that was modified after it was raised to the ground during the second world war, well that's what my guide book states . On investigation it seems that only half, the main tower was destroyed as you will see below.

Upon entry this part was new and had been rebuilt.

But the rest looked original, the quadrangle had very old by the paintings on the walls and ceilings.

inside the Church was quite plain in comparison.

And you could see where the front part had been badly damaged and replaced with the modern Spires as seen from the river.

Finally out in the sunshine again was the Spires of St John on the Rock looking down on us.

Time for lunch as we carried on along the River Valtra. Thanks for looking, Mike

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  1. Love the curves of that spire but keep returning to look at the Church in visit # 6 lol
    E xxx