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Friday, 10 July 2015

Prague, My View # 11

Hi again,

Hope you are liking our trip around Prague.
Next stop was the St. Henry's Tower, the weather was starting to look a bit suspect as we sheltered inside and made the decision to climb this one. Fortunately it had a lift, a Museum, Cafe,Galleries, Whisky Room and a shop so we both went up the tower. There are over 1,000 spires and towers in the city and this tower has a church, school and cemetery all in a triangular space below.
The tower is unique as it has been protected and reinforced inside with concrete and a lift fitted to service its 10 floors.

At the top are views shows a few of the many Spires and Towers of Prague, to the left on the skyline is the Powder Tower featured earlier in the blogs.

This shows the Tower Gargoyle Drain Spout used to deflect the rain off of the rood onto the poor unsuspecting people below. To the left is the Main Station also featured in another blog. Check these out by clicking on the appropriate blog in the side panel.

The funny building in the centre is the Zizkov Tower which is a modern TV transmission and observation point. It had little babies added climbing up its side if you look closely.

Looking down I admired this Pepsi advert which looked a bit out of place.

Looking up the ten bells only one original surviving from 1518

Prague Castle in the distance.

Old Town Square with the Towers of the Church of our Lady of Tyn reaching skyward.

Thanks for looking. Regards, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, some interesting buildings like the advert for Pepsi cola. Mrs Egg.

    1. Thanks Margaret, glad to have you back. The Pepsi Cola advert was strange, although it looked old I think it was a reconstruction. Inside the tower I could not see how they got 10 floors in.

  2. Ken would love the whisky room and shop, Mike! A great post and that Pepsi advert looks from the 1950'S
    Eileen xx

  3. Very innovative architecture , something UK lacks in when comparing. Well that's my view , unless the Sha is our best, not sure how that is spelt shar perhaps .