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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Prague, My View.# 13

Hi folks,
Just a few things that went on in Prague Castle and again we were fascinated in how things changed on the spur of the moment.
Outside the Courtyard 1 were the street entertainers playing to the crowds whilst up the road.......

.....this couple were using the castle as a backdrop to get married.

Neanwhile in Courtyard two another group were doing a wedding photo shoot which amazed us with all the tourists milling about. Crazy of what?

Then at 11.30 Courtyard 2 was roped of for the changing of the Presidential Guard

As if by magic the band appeared

Followed by the Presidential Guards in there smart light blue uniforms, the band on the balcony struck up dead on twelve o clock and a change over of the Presidential Standard took place.

So what have they done with it, after a lot of strutting about with bayonets fixed we spotted it.

Look very closely in the picture below and you will see a tiny banner on a pole, well that was what it was all about. It was in our eyes the changing of the guard but nothing like in the UK.

Off they went and within a minute the rope was away and the tourists were milling about as if nothing had happened. Well we could teach them a bit about how to do it British style.

That's it, thanks for looking, Regards, Mike

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  1. Mmmmm .... I'm not keen on the colours of the uniform but i expect the tourists in London must think our soldiers in their 'Bearskins' must look odd ! lol
    Eileen xx