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Saturday, 30 April 2011

The day it rained

Hi Folks, well there the Space Shuttle didn't take off, the WEDDING happened and big news, it rained.  I was safe as I have a rather nice travel bag, well, it is really a carrier bag from Baggage World.

Today they did "the washing", I kept well out of the way, you will not believe the size of those machines,  I did not photograph them as they looked too dangerous even from a distance.

Off to the beach we went and saw pelicans,

there are not so many now as hundreds died in the oil spill but they look funny flying overhead.  The sand is really light coloured not like ours and the waves are big, I have discovered that people ride on little boards over the waves/surf and it is called surfing, my lot didn't have a go though!

You get very wet.
Then it happened, drip, drip, drop, drop, whoosh, whoosh whoosh ................... I was in my travel bag all dry.

To make up for it they took me out for a meal, tomorrow we set off for Key West, it will take "The Boys" six hours of driving, they all had fish and me, I had my usual nothing.  Still keeping away from the Guiness.

Not too much to tell you today, having an early night before getting back in my travel bag to continue the adventure..

bye bye, luv Ernie

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