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Friday, 2 September 2011

Anniversary cake 45 years

Hi  folks,

Well last night we pushed the boat out and decided to demolish the cake that Sue had bought for the 27th of August along with that lovely card the Eileen made. (butter up, butter up).

So here it is.....Well at first glance it looks nice but when you look closely you can see that it is tiny. I should have on reflection put a 20p piece next to it but,,, too late we ate it!!

Very nice it was too, I only complaint is that it was so small, oh well I won't put any weight on eating this I thought after we cut it into 2. Was a very nice fruit cake inside and was delicious.

Maybe  I will get even a smaller one in 5 years. (50th).

Bye folks xx


  1. That's it you should have gone and got Sue a nice big cake, then you would not complain that it was too small

    I am glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Well, it had fruit cake, icing, two flowers, wording "Happy Anniversary", red ribbon with white spots on and a little silver board. This constitutes being a cake, mind you, I must admit that the small board was SMALL!
    Size doesn't always matter, it's the thought lol.

  3. She had a Chinese so that should have had made up for it., Mike, Last of the big spenders.

  4. That's a thought, Eileen and Chris could give them away with there cards and a balloon and Wola and instant party. :) lol

  5. Huh ..... all this buttering up but you scoffed ALL the cake !! Yes I know it was small but you could have given me Trev's bit.....doh! Trev didn't get any either did he?.... don't cry Trev, I'll bake you a cake .....Mmmmmmmmmmm .....maybe not .... my cooking skills have NOT improved! xxx

    :) Glad you both had a happy day!

  6. Happy belated anniversary Michael and sue !
    Let them eat they say !!! Do they do a diabetic version.....I wish,
    all the best
    chris R