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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Chatham Dockyard activity

Hi Folks,

Today is Tuesday, that's Daisy Day so a day out was called for.

First off sort out the house

Exciting day today we started on the bathroom and had a new toilet fitted. You know one of these modern double flush jobs. New bath, washbasin and shower to follow. New tiles and carpet so I will have to work for another 5 years

Nothing like going to the Dockyard for a day out. Daisy made a b-line for the swings at the far end by the berth of the Kingswear Castle which we dont talk about it otherwise is rains.. Whilst on the swings Sue noticed some activity with the trains so we went to investigate.

This loco was having it's cab removed via a folk lift and the rest of the train was shunted back into the yard.

The Loco without it's cab, I think they were doing some major work to it. As it was being shunted, you guessed it, down came the rain so we stayed and watched it being placed over a pit for work to be carried out.

Back in the safety of the workshop and out of the rain, Daisy had a go in the children's play area in the same building and stayed there for about an hour whilst the rain fell down.

Daisy tried to mimic the shunting trains in the play area which I have to say is not that clean as it is in the same shed as the steam trains bit BLACK.

On the way out we found this bird, possibly a young Pigeon sheltering under the hedge row.
There you go my wildlife shot of the day.

Blog would not be complete without a Tuesday Daisy portrait.

Long day with our lovely granddaughter so need a nap now.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. The Dove look as if it id asleep.

    Daisy still won't look at the camera

  2. Oh it's a Dove is it!, I thought it looked very young and I was a bit concerned about it's health.

    Daisy was in fact looking out of the window.

  3. Super post Mike ... interesting stuff about the Train... The bird looks ok... it maybe has not long fledged so it is staying out of the rain!

    Lovely picture of Daisy, as always and good luck with the bathroom !! x

  4. Interesting stuff mike !
    Your grandaughter is so pretty !
    Chris R

  5. @ Eileen, thanks for the comment and about the bird, we were a bit worried about it.

    Daisy is growing up and does her own thing now.

    @ Chris, I probably bored you with the trains. Thanks for the Daisy comment, We love her to bits.

    Glad Max has settled in and is learning from D & H


  6. Daisy began by pushing the front engine, then had a go at towing but when she looked round the rear engine wasn't following her as it was not connected. She then carried her engine back, put it behind the other one and continued to push, know that worked!