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Sunday, 11 September 2011


Hi again folks,

As a rider to yesterdays blog and the main reason we went to Leeds Castle was for the Jousting.

Before the event started I got this one called " old and new" which I liked due to the man in the cap with the old style dresses seemed to stand out.

We set ourselves up in seats one and a half hours before the event started to get a good view of the castle and the action. There was a load of big cameras there and not to be outdone I took my Nikon mainly to stop the action, if needed. Well the event started and the King arrived who was also the commentator and looked funny with a microphone, it sort of looked out of place.

Good old Henry and his bit of modern technology.

The organisers involved the crowd at the start and there was a procession around the parade ring which got everyone involved.

I think this little girl was the Knight's daughter some how as she wasn't scared of his helmet.  Like the off the shoulder look, the Knight adjusted it when they reached the line.

The ring was split into two with the blues our end and the reds the other, each part of the crowd cheering for there end, a bit like a football match really.

Right the action was about to start, there are so many images to put up so I chose a few.

The skies started to cloud over and I thought it was going to rain.

Liked the costumes, they set then off very well and of course the beautiful horses.

Blow this one up and look at the end of the lance as it shatters to bits they must be made of weak wood that shatters on side impact although they have to be strong enough to knock the rider off.

Running back to get there swords.

One of the victors celebrating  with the castle in the background.

The blue side which we were on LOST as you can see the reds were the victors.

If you look at the last shot you will see the shadow of the horse just then at the end of the show the sun came out.

All in all a Great event well staged, that's it...

nite nite, luv Mike xx


  1. Some very good shots there Mike, well done

  2. I enjoyed looking at this post Mike .... great pictures.... Do they have the jousting events often ?..... Exx

  3. I think twice a year Eileen. Glad you both liked them.xx

  4. Hi Mike,I love the pomp and circumstance and the shots you got are awesome.....makes you feel like your there !!! Thanks Mike,
    chris richards