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Saturday, 10 September 2011

There once was an Ugly Duckling

Hi folks,

Well here we are again, as we joined Leeds Castle for another year we thought we would go back as is is supposed to be the best day of the weekend today. We were not to be proved wrong, after a cloudy start the sun appeared.

We decided to take the scenic route to the castle and looked for the Swans nest that was on the lake just below the waterfall, much to our surprise it had shifted downstream to the lower end near the entrance  by the current and was in a corner of the lower lake. This made it very accessible and this is the shot I got.

Well this was amazing, not only could you see the nest but the eggs as well. it was an absolute delight to see and I was so excited I phone Trevor with the news and I thought, if the day gets worst, never mind I got this shot. I hope she looks after them and they all hatch.

We carried on up to the Castle and was them greeted with this lovely sight basking in the sun, I thought this is number two shot, bring it on. The place is teeming with birds of all descriptions and Swans everywhere.

All right  you lot, what Fungus is this? It was in a shady part under a tree.

We then proceeded to at Avery and I actually joined in the tour of all the exotic birds and I enjoyed it very much. I thought, these ere birds are quite interesting and I was enjoying myself learning about them.

 There you go, see I'm still taking pictures of them.  This is an Ibis  which was roaming free in the grounds, be it the Avery grounds.

Well, cant finish Leeds Castle without a Black swan, so here he is in all his splender with water dripping off her back in the sunshine.

What a great sight, I will never tire of this place and will be back with more tomorrow.

I really enjoyed our relaxing day out, I will have to get into this bird lark it's very interesting.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Wow, wow, wow ... so excited to see the gorgeous back swan with her eggs ... lovely pictures Mike, all of them ... gonna look up the fungi for you, I have a book! Your post today really captures the fact you had a good time. :) xx

  2. Hi Mike,goode shots today Mike.....I'd love to visit there sometime! Are black swans quite rare?

  3. Leeds Castle are renown for black swans but it seems that they are dotted around the UK here is some info for you to digest, copy and paste.

    The fungi was over a foot across or 35 cm in new money. The Castle is really lovely place to visit even without special events.