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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Leeds Castle... Bentleys and Balloons ?? part 1

Hi folks,

Well I will tell you a little story, it's been a long tiring day, It all started with a kiss, er well yes followed by work, yuck, still sometimes you have to do things to help pay the bills.

Off I went to the MOT station to get a tyre fitted to a motor, that went well until I returned to quickly fit a moulding to a windscreen that had fallen off as it does on the new fangled modern cars. well the moulding was the wrong one so I gave up and threw it it the garage and thought, we could go to Leeds Castle.

Just then it clouded up and started to spit with rain. Not to be deterred I shouted to Sue to get ready for a trip to the castle and to cut a long story short as OMH bless him would say, we shot off over Bluebell Hill towards Maidstone. Well things got even worse, I had to put the lights on going over the hill and when we arrived at Leeds Castle, this is what we were greeted with....

Well what can I say, no Balloons, not many cars and a load of Mist Yuck again.

Right we thought, let's look round the Craft Fair there might be someone doing cards like Chris and Eileen, no cards but £190 photographs for sale which were very nice but not that much, I recon Kens Otter and Eagle were as good, so come on Ken you could cash in here.

Later after a bit of lunch it started to brighten up so I started to use the camera a bit more.

Back to the Bentleys we trotted, the only trouble is that the silly organiser put  the vehicles right up to a fence to stop any one touching them. I had to use my fantabulos twist and turn LCD display over the fence to get any decent shots low down the way that I like, well done Panasonic. Everyone else was sticking there lenses through the fence and struggling to get a decent shot.  This a friend Alan's  Bentley which he has rebuilt the engine on.

Well the sun was out and I was in my element snapping away for dear life.
I like this little Foden with this happy chappy driving it.

As it is now 0.15 I am going to do a Trev and split it up into a couple or three sections.

 Dont forget to Click on the images to expand them.

nite nite from a tired but happy Mike XX


  1. Nice Pictures Mike.

    Lovely sunshine after a misty start here

  2. Hi Mike, my OSL (OLD SHORT LEGS)loves the old classic cars, some nice shots there !!!
    Thankyou both for joining my following....
    chris R

  3. Hi, Chris, just got up. Glad you liked the cars, I have few more to come tonight for OSL.

    Glad to be able to join the throng, I think you girls do a stunning job with your cards. Mike xx

  4. What super pictures Mike .... love the old car .... I'm married I know old when I see it!!

    BTW... Trev's in the poo again .... wrong bird id ..... ho hum ....back to the naughty corner xxxx

  5. 'ere ....I ave just noticed that Chris has a link to her blog on your side bar .... and I don't !!! Why not Batman? slumped over lappy sobbin....again !! :(

    Huh! naughty corner for you too .....

  6. Oh dear, what, the Crafty wotsit thingy blog, sorry will put it up straight away Guv XX

  7. Well there you go and it takes up 3 lines. Can I sit down now miss? xx

  8. Ahhhh ...... Rock and Roll ! well pleased, many thanks x :)