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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Leeds Castle... Bentleys and Balloons Part 3

Hi folks ,
 This is the final chapter in this weekends trip to the castle. We had a lovely time there with glorious weather after a gloomy start.
Continuation of the car display, with poster in foreground and Castle at rear. I think the old car is a Packard Landaulet but not sure of the year, in very good condition though.
Suddenly looked down at the wing of this Bentley and noticed the cloud formation above me.
Wow Trev, I hope you like this one. ( Trevor is in to cloud formations) and I must admit they appeal to me as well.
Well at last here they are, it was about 6pm when they gave the ok to inflate the balloons after consulting with the Met office.  The Bentleys and a couple of Rollers paraded around the first balloon in an orderly fashion.
One Rolls Royce......
 ... followed by Alan's Bentley and the rest of the remaining group.
As they ascended we used Alan's Bentley in the foreground, the cars were starting to leave at this point. It was a shame that the display of Balloons had to be delayed.
Up, up and away they went...
This one was the best of the bunch with its gold band and Champagne emblem.
By this time the sun was getting low in the sky and the light was beginning to fade.
This  was my favourite as the sun popped out at just the right time to light up the gold.
Then they inflated the static 12 people basket balloon to end the show, unfortunately it was still to windy for a take off.
By this time it was 6.45 and time to depart for home, we turned around to take a last look as we left.
Well I hope you like them and sorry this one is sooo long as I wanted to finish it tonight.
nite nite,luv Mike XX


  1. Hi Mike, some really impressive shots...I really like the cloud formation shot too.....all goodes
    mike (sorry, could'nt resist)
    chris R

  2. Thanks for that Chris, dont worry about the pun, I'm used to it.
    Cheers, nite Mike X

  3. Oh wow Mike ... love the shots of the Balloons and GREAT Clouds .... I am pleased you enjoyed the day and that the sun came out in the end.

    Mmmmmm .... where's the 'Goat' Trev has a 'Goat' on his blog sometimes ... Hi Hi

    55's 73's 88's xx

  4. Mike I like the clouds but I love the reflection in the wing.
    The sun on the gold make it really stand out.

    Who's got my Goat then!