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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Wet but happy times at Westmore Farm Car Show.

Hi Folks,

Well we have had our share of rain over the last three days but it was worth going out.

On Sunday after the Leeds Castle bash we packed up again to go and see Tony and Gloria at the car show in Rainham. The weather didn't look good and it proved right. we arrived quite late after Saturday we needed a lay in. Tony and Gloria had just purchased a Porche 944 and were taking it to the show I think for their first showing and very nice it looked to.

As you can see by the clouds it sure looked threatening. Right that done it was time for a  Bacon Roll for lunch, very nice it was too. I felt very sad for the organisers of these events as they put a lot of effort and money into the event only to have it spoilt by low attendance due to the impending rain.

Still , I thought lets get some shots in before he rain set in. This old Pontiac was to me the highlight of the show.

With its hood Motif that actually lights up at night. It wouldn't be allowed today with our health and safety laws.

We made out way to a Fire Engine display and the the rain started, down it came in torrents and there was a mass exit of people from the field, what a shame. We stayed for a while sheltering and talking to the Demelza fund raiser said bye bye to Tony and Gloria before departing for home and a nice cup of tea.

Monday we met, a friend Charles at Boomers in the Dockyard outlet for lunch and had a look around the shops. Suddenly , in a shop this two man tent I  spotted which is a "pop up", ideal for taking out with Daisy we thought  to Kite events if the weather was a bit inclement.

Next day being Daisy day we Popped it up, Great worked a treat and got Daisy to test it out in the lounge.

All went well until we tried to "pop" it back into the bag. I kid you not we had to go on the internet to discover how to do it and after 3 attempts I got it back into the bag. I have now got to practice this before I take it out otherwise it will not fit in the car. Great invention BUT no instructions.

Daisy loves it as her favourite Nursery Rhyme is "Twinkle Twinkle little star.

Well off to bed I go.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Nice story Mike.

    See you later

  2. Hi Mike, Damn that weather to spoil the show! But still you got some nice shots......Daisy looks like she enjoyed the tent !!
    Chris R

  3. Oh gawd ... I can just picture you trying to 'pop down' the tent ...chuckle, chuckle!

    Nice story and lovely shots Mike .... shame the rain spoiled things...
    E xx