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Monday, 5 September 2011

Leeds Castle... Bentleys and Balloons?? part2

Hi folks,

Well to continue the saga of out Saturday trip to the castle. as the sun was out we could continue our look around the Bentleys.

This one tickled my fancy take a look at the next shot of the running board....

Well I think they were about set for any contingency, dont you think.
There were about 30 cars there mostly Bentleys but with the occasional Roller thrown in in for good measure.

Along the row I went, I had never seen a red one before, I thought they were always green.

What a monster this one was, love the single headlight in the middle. Sorry I cant tell you more about these but I know a little bit more about the next one.

This is more up my street, opposite the was a row of "ordinary cars" so to speak. This is a Ford model T Tourer circa 1926. 15 million were produced between 1902 and 1927 so this one was made in the last year of production. Looks like the bloke next door was having a bit of trouble.

By this time the weather was great and we thought we would have a look around the Castle and grounds. This is one of my favourite places to take a shot of the Castle. The black swan added to the scene and that white mark on it's wing was there, honest.

There she blows, or is it a he...probably.

Do you remember the first one on the castle in the mist yesterday? well what a difference 4 hours later.

They also have white swans on the lake and I like this one because he is doing the SWAN POSE.

Were are the Balloons I hear cry,  you will have to wait till tomorrow when I publish part 3.

Well, that's it for today, we went to another car show today but it got rained out.

nite nite all, luv Mike xx


  1. Hi Mike, love the black swan.....never seen one before ! fab shots of the castle and those cars are lovely.....I see eileen put you in the naughty corner again...tut tut
    chris R

  2. Hi Chris, Leeds Castle are renown for their black swans, they are really different. Glad you like the cars, I am out of Eileen's naughty corner as I have made her link really BIG. Stand by for Part 3 tomorrow. xx

  3. Great post Mike, with super pictures . I also, like Chris, was pleased to see the Black Swan.... We have been to Leeds Castle and really enjoyed our time there.

    Yus Mike, you are in my good books at the moment lol.

    I am just popping over to Trev's blog to see what he has been up to!

    Please thank Sue for the really lovely comment she left about my cards Mike .... so sweet of her :) xx

    55's 73's and 88's lol

    Looking forward to part 3 .......