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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Delightful Daisy"

Hi folks,

Well I'm now back in the land of the living and having a wonderful day with Daisy. The day started with the usual morning coffee with her dad who brings her early Tuesday mornings. after our usual chat, Ian her dad left for work and we were deciding were to go as the sun was shining.

I got the camera ready and thought I would try a few of Daisy before we went out. If you follow this blog you will have seen the banter that goes on between Trev, a good friend and myself re Daisy looking into the camera.

Daisy ended up taking this one of herself.,....

She is nearly looking into the camera, but as Eileen says and I agree it looks better just off .

Well how, did she do it...............

I set the camera up on a Tripod on the lounge table with the sun coming in the windows, I then fixed the remote to the camera, twisted out the LCD screen and revolved it so she could see herself. Set up the camera and showed how to press the remote, snapping away with lots of different expressions.

I started by holding the remote, that didn't work

I then gave it to her and that was it, she took the shot then looked at the result  in the LCD screen and took another. The expression on her face was priceless. After about 40 shots we got it right as in the top pose.

This is an earlier one as she likes to pretend to swim on her plastic table.

If all else fails, turn her upside down so she can't look away, he he

A good time was had by all we then packed our bags for an adventure in the Dockyard, that's for another day.

Little legs is now safely tucked up in bed ready for another exciting day tomorrow,

Phew I'm worn out, nite nite, luv Mike xx


  1. Ooooo how delightful.... the look on her face is, as you say Mike, priceless! I reckon she takes better pictures than you do !!! lol I am sure Trevor will agree!! xxxxxxx She is just gorgeous.

  2. Hi Mike, such a lovely little girl ! My grandaughter is nearly six, Daisy looks about the same age ?
    Chris R

  3. @ Eileen, yes I love the first one and she is gorgeous.

    @ Chris, she was 3 in July.