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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Herne Bay in the sunshine....NOT!!

Hi folks,

Well with Michael Fish telling me that it was going to be a super day today we did no more than pack and head for the coast..... WRONG. (after 1987 why do we listen to him),

Daisy was so excited about playing on the swings there so in glorious sunshine we headed down the A2 towards the coast and duly arrived to this an hour later.
This is a close up of the beach just to prove I didn't leave the lens cap on. This is what greeted us when we arrived............

Yuck comes to mind, so off we trotted to get some lunch hoping the mist would clear.

Well suitably refreshed we arrived back at the beach to this, a really nice picture of Herne Bay Clock tower in all its glory.

Take a last look at the Pier in the mist as they are about to demolish it.

Right, enough doom and gloom, what about some wild life to cheer us up.

As I am getting into this wild life thing I need to know what this little chap is called, he was going along the waters edge feeding and then took off.

Here he is in flight and had very pretty markings,

We found the monument of the man holding the boat in the water and at first Daisy was scared of it but soon came round and gave him a hug,,BLESS.

We then tried to find the swings on the seafront by the pier but they had all been moved so little legs was not very happy.

How do you cheer a 3 year old up after such a disappointment, well you buy her an Ice cream don't you.

This is a story all by itself, in we went and a very nice man behind the counter took a shine to our Daisy and asked her which flavour she wanted. He did no more than walked her along the row of tubs behind the counter and let her try a few different ones.  After the photo shoot and a clean tub he did no more than give her a colouring book and some crayons, what a nice man he was.

Back in the car without a swing or slide we stopped off in Faversham on the way back to give her a swing and slide fix which really tired her out.

Although the weather was a bit naf we all enjoyed our trip to the coast and had a sing song of  "Wheels on the Bus" on the way home.

Daisy is now fast asleep in her secret bed waiting for another fun day tomorrow.

nite, nite, luv Mike XX


  1. The bird is a Turnstone, Mike

  2. I must say that it could be but it could be a Ringed Plover both birds are much the same

    You should have listened to Kaddy last night coz she said it was going to be misty around the coast.
    Nice story

  3. Lovely post Mike and I like 'moody misty shots'! Gorgeous of Daisy and I am so pleased she enjoyed her ice cream .... Turnstone it is Mike loads of 'em around xxx

  4. Thanks all for the bird comments, it just goes to show what you see when you look around. xx