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Friday, 23 September 2011

Dive, Dive, Dive....

Hi folks,

Following on from Tuesday when we went to the Dockyard, not only were there swings and boats there but also a Submarine HMS Osolot. we all plucked up courage and went aboard. There were only the three of us so lots of time to look and take pictures.

She was started on 17th November 1960.

She was launched two years later in May 1962 from No. 7 Slip. Significantly Ocelot was the last submarine to be built in Chatham Dockyard for the Royal Navy.  Ocelot paid off in August 1991 and returned to Chatham Historic Dockyard in 1992.

HM Submarine Ocelot was one of the thirteen Oberon Class submarines built for the Royal Navy between 1959 and 1964.  The Oberon Class were all diesel electric boats which were capable of high underwater speeds of up to 17 knots (20 mph) when submerged.  They also carried improved detection equipment over their predecessor the Porpoise Class, and were armed with homing torpedoes.  (taken from Dockyard website)

Daisy also came even though I was a bit worried that she might not like it as it was so enclosed so we went on the 10 minute walk through.

This was the business end were the Torpedos were fired you can see the 4 tubes, 1 loaded. Was a bit cramped in there but Daisy liked it, so no worries.

Through the  water tight door we went towards the Command Centre. Daisy started talking to the guide who had a daughter six months younger than her so they had a lot in common and he chatted to her throughout the tour.

Up Periscope. (this is how they get to look out as there are no windows he told Daisy).

Sleeping quarters which were very cramped.... then on to the engine room.

Engine room which was very narrow as you can see by the walkway. This place must have been very noisy when they were running.

Back up top. after climbing out through the last hatch into the daylight.

There you are a good time was had by all, will do the longer trip soon when Daisy is not with us as she would have got bored.

bye bye for now, luv Mike xx


  1. I was THERE in 1962 when the Ocelot was launched! A group of "Well behaved" girls from my school, (you know, them wot don't pick their noses in public) were invited, along with the Head Mistress, Miss Jessop, for the day to watch the proceedings and celebrations .... Of course I woz one of them cos I was such a GOOD girl!

    I have never forgotten that day or the ugly Straw Boater we were forced to wear all blooming day as part of out school uniform .... not COOL ! We looked liked right muppets!

  2. Well Mike that take me back to 1963 or when I was working on her sister Oberon, three of us had to strip out the two electric motors. You saw how big they were so the three of us were sitting inside.

    Low headroom and cut head is how I remember it.

    Nice Post.

    Eileen a good girl I am sure she was "Grovel grovel"

  3. Well, I'm so pleased I did this.

    Seems like it brings back a load of memories to you both. I cant imagine " GOOD GIRL" Eileen in a straw boater but I remember the Muppets!! XX

  4. Fascinating stuff Mike ! I'm sure Eileen looked
    very prim and proper in her straw boater !
    Some good shots ! Won t be commenting for a few days.....Going away on a short break !!
    Chris R