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Friday, 9 September 2011

Winter draws on

Hi folks,

Just a quick line to say sorry for not being on, had a good couple of days with work for a change which is the upside. The downside is that it prevented me from taking pictures, still never mind there's always the weekend if the weather smiles in us.

In between work I managed to get a couple of shots of stuff in the back garden, just to have my daily fix so to speak.

My the nights are drawing in and all these berries are forming on the Flowering Cherry tree at the bottom on the garden, hope we dont have another bad winter.

I then saw this baby up on next doors shed, I set the camera up with a fast speed and then kicked the fence so that I could get one of those Trev shots of him in flight. Do you think he would fly off, no, no chance he just sat there. We then the phone rang so that was that, back to work. Good job the old fool was away next door so he could not moan at me banging the fence. Fancy using white clips on brown down pipes what a twit he is.

Well tea is ready and her that should be obeyed is calling.

Sorry its so short, hope to have a longer one at the weekend.

nite nite, luv, Mike xx


  1. I am going ring the 'old fool next door' and invite him to comment on your blog lol lol

    Please let Sue know I am suffering terribly ...wiv my back but I am still crafting like a good soldier!

  2. Sue and I send our love and hope your back soon gets better.

  3. Hi Mike, nice berries and bird....does'nt sound like a nice neighbour though...have a good weekend
    Chris R

  4. Oh dear we are all getting old and falling apart, Sorry to hear that Eileen.

    I love the Pigeon shot Mike but the poor thing looks cold. Just like the one in my new blog.

    There is nothing wrong with a quick blog and a couple of picture, you know.

  5. Trevor reckons you are 'getting into nature' like wot we are.... Back is a little better this morning I am glad to say! xxxxxxx

  6. Glad to here the back is getting better.
    Sue says I haven't the patience to stand still and wait, ho well! xxx