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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Secret Wood

Hi folks,

This is a continuation of Trev's blog from a different perspective. Different bloke, different camera and different ideas but with the same overall aim to please you all and have fun whilst doing it.

It was a planned day out with the three of us to Blean woods near Canterbury, mainly to get some shots of wildlife but it all seem to be on holiday like most of the country. After a bit of trouble trying to find it we arrived and parked up ready for the adventure.

 So not letting the wildlife and the weather get the better of us we donned out low light lenses and hacked our was into the undergrowth. Vegetation was the order of the day as the birds had done a bunk, still this gets Eileen off our backs. We were presently suprise at the lovely foliage and trees, I hope you like them.

Wow, it's a bit dark in here.

Not Mushroom to grow, bearing in mind that it was very dry due to the lack of rain.

This was weird and rather spooky, a tree growing out of a tree.

This look like a Viking ship to my eyes, a lovely rotten wooden structure.

Ah the suns coming out, which way do we go Trev?? Ah yes the brown route, turn left.

Thistles took my eye.

Winter is just around the corner.

Sweet Chestnuts I think.

All in all it was a very rewarding day for the three of us and a pleasant afternoon out in the woods.

Off home we went stopping off for a meal at the Gate services.

Well back to work I go.

bye bye, luv Mike xx


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I just posted a comment and it has that been displayed.

    I said that I liked the path through the tree's shot. and that there was nothing for Old Bossy Boots to have a go at LOL

    I can now say that the tree growing out of a tree has come out better that I thought it would.

  3. It came back so I deleted the first one.

  4. How to get lots of comments, ask Trev.

    I was very disappointed with the mushroom / toadstool all gleaming white from the front but when I went to investigate, its face was a horrible muddy brown, still I like the picture on the blog.
    Lovely afternoon, just shows that greens and browns aren't boring.

  5. Hi Michael,I'm here to back up the girls.....Now you know it was inevitable That i would turn up sooner or later !!!! some nice shots,
    chris R

  6. Woohoo ... Hello Chris ...girl power is everywhere ! I must say Mike, before I comment on this post, that your mate Trev does like to 'live on the edge' by that, I mean, calling me 'bossy boots' when he knows, I KNOW where he lives! lol You as well Mike wiv the 'get Eileen off our backs' tsk!! lol :)

    Well this post is super stuff with fantastic pictures as well ..... The wood seems to have really inspired you and Trev.... where's Sue's blog? about time you got one going Sue.... xx

  7. Hi Chris, nice to have you onboard even though you lot are ganging up on us two. XX

  8. Oh dear Trev I think we are in trouble wiv all this girl power, now they want Sue to join in.

    Yes Eileen those woods will definitely get another visit, thanks for the nice comments.XX

  9. Along comes Sue to make this 9 comments, although the first 3 were from Trev.
    I don't do anything interesting enough to write about it, today it is washing, dusting and doing the accounts then cooking. There, now you know all about my secret life!
    Anyone want to help, they are quite welcome, Eileen, as you said above you know where Mike lives. Love the posts.