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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

St Mary in Castro, Dover

Hi folks,
whilst at Folkestone as you know we visited Dover Castle whilst on our weeks stay at the War and Peace site. Within the castle is a Saxon church circa 1000 which was built with material from a Roman lighthouse on the same place in fact there was originally two towers as lighthouses to help with shipping many years ago.

You can clearly see the Roman lighthouse to the side of the church now used as a bell tower it is made of flint.

Inside is the magnificent altar with tiles from the Roman lighthouse. The windows are  in fact two  images superimposed and then cut out by my wife to reveal the stain glass and the interior of the church without blowing out the colour in the windows.

To the side are arches 28 feet high with projecting tiles giving a wonderful effect.  

View of the roof timbers and the tiled walls, so different from most churches.

The Lectern in front of the alter.

The light over this section of the church burns all the time to remember the dead as this is a thriving church serving the army and the community.

Lastly these flowers adorn the church in front of the tiled walls.

The church is well worth a visit if you ever go to Dover Castle, enjoy.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Magnificent church building and very unusual with those amazing arches......
    good stuff Mike,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. What a fabulous church Mike... These buildings must take shed loads of money to maintain! ... Fantastic pictures as usual and the stain glass windows shot it amazing ... clever stuff by Sue!
    E xx