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Thursday, 11 July 2013

All Saint's Woodchurch, Flower Festival 2

Hi folks,

 just a few more of our Sunday trip out.

Another part of the Japan display.

Switzerland by The Woodchurch Guides.

The Maldives by Ann Prebble.

Lower half of the Maldives.

Bulgaria by Pat Rippon and Mary Wiggins for Woodchurch WI.

Another part of "Japan"

Ireland by Angela Bromfield.

Spain by Daphne Hawkes.

Detail in arch of Spain Display

Irises in Croatia display

Arrangement over entrance arch.

Well that's all for this Festival but there were many left out. All the images were taken without flash to try to show the displays natural colours. 

Best Regards, Mike


  1. A splendid display Mike......the pink lily is stunning ! A hot week end forecast, I bet you two are off on a jaunt....have a good one !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Thanks Chris, we are at Folksstone for a while, you will see later. Internet slow so may have to upload elsewhere Luv, Mike and Sue XXX

  3. Folkestone even...Luv Mike and Sue XXX

  4. I just love these flower posts Mike you take such stunning pictures of them ... So uplifting to look at ... You make my day ! Thanks Mike
    E xxxx