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Friday, 5 July 2013

Wild Fort Amhurst

Hi folks,

Today I was supposed to have a day off but as things went it  was the afternoon before I finally got out. Where shall we go I said to ere indoors, the Fort came the reply. So off we went to see the Fort that protected the town in various conflicts throughout the years. To be honest I was not very impressed as all it seemed to be was a cafe and a load of underground tunnels which I did not really want to pay £5 each to go around on the best day of the year weather wise. I decided to stay on the surface and concentrate on the wild flowers growing all over the place.

This one took my fancy on its own growing out of the wall

One of the many Canons which seemed to me as a novice to be pointing the wrong way.

Off we went through the tunnel you can make out to the left of the canon.

Back out in the sunshine, I know I keep going on about it but we haven't had much this year.

More wild flowers growing out of the walls.

Finally some Ivy creeping its way slowly up the wall.

Well that's it, as I watched the tennis on the telly most of the evening, what a great couple of matches. Should be great Wimbledon finals.

Bye for now and thanks for looking.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. I have to agree with you Mike, you can't get up to the battery and overlook the town as they won't let you. The club was up there in 2003 for a pig roast and it is a great view. Underground is the only place to go.

    You picture are great and I like the fifth one down the best.

  2. Great post Mike... One of the places to visit on my 'to do' list ... always the way, never visit the places close to you! Lovely pictures and i so agree abot the tennis.... thrilling stuff!
    E xx

  3. Shame you cant see more of the fort......But the flowers are lovely !
    Chris and Dave R