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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

River Festival Finally

Hi again folks,

last part of the trip to Chatham with the sailing dingys racing.

Walking along the river to explore where the music was coming from, loved the flags.

Past this famous pub.

Took this, laughed and thought of Trevor. They were great fun.

To my surprise, he started to try to fly.

Loved the use of the Union Flag, we are starting to get like America and being proud of it.

This Mermaid is there every year being pushed around she knows what side her bread is buttered.

The girl pirates where new on their stilts, one tried to attack me.

Final shot of the day, we had a wonderful day in the sunshine and many thanks to the Council and the people for putting on such a great show.

Thanks for looking and enjoying the day with us.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. Ooo what fun on this post Mike... one of your best.
    Love the way everyone joined in and let you take some smashing pictures ... Yes, I would like us Brits to 'sing the praises' of our fabulous UK too!
    I'm thankful I live here and know lovely people like you and Trev xxx
    Miss Charles and Jean on FB :( xxx

  2. Well........How do you top this ?
    Only one word is befitting to your expertise Mike........
    FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!! Love the Trevor shots,
    Chris and Dave R

    1. We hoped that Trevor would come up and see the "birds", the one that was trying to fly was such a scream and the shadow just could not have been repeated if he had tried. xx