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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dover Transport Museum

Hi folks,

great time at the War and Peace show but we thought we would have a day away from the tanks and went to the Museum of Transport which had an open day with loads of extra vehicles to see and snap so I was in my element.

One for Martin

This brings back loads of memories, the Austin A40. I did loads of gearbox work on these in my youth.

The star of the show a Sherpa Autosleeper called "Chirpy" whose owner was George.  This vehicle was made in 1983 and still runs well.

Interior very good for it's age, even had a fridge. Note the frills around the cushions.

and loads of worktops although short of a toilet.

Modified late Mini V6

Love the window stickers.

Pheasant on a truck and yes it is wood.

Kit car.

E type Jaguar, just right for this weather.

There, hope you liked the ones outside, loads more inside too.

Thanks for looking.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. Very nice Moggie Mike, pity Martin won't see it.

    We (the three of us) are off to Dungy tonight for a meal in the Moggie

  2. Super Mike , nice to see some of these oldies......
    brings back memories ! They have stood the test of
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Not sure I like the 'frills' Mike ... but a super post from you ... The 'e' type is MY type lol and I LOVED the sticker on the back of that card window !!!!!!
    Eileen xxxxx