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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dover Castle

Hi folks,

sorry for the lack of blogs due to the position of the campsite and the miserable internet connection in the site we stayed on.
A few days ago we visited Dover Castle and toured the war tunnels and had a good look around. The weather was misty but we managed a few of the bay where the channel ferries come in.

The Great Square Tower.

Shall I climb to the top?

Why not, view across the after the 116 steps to the top. see the kiddy winks, they look like ants from up here, " keep in line boys and girls".

Looking out towards Calais but alas nothing to see due to the weather.

Around the base of the castle perched high above the cliffs with many cannon to defend it.

Drawbridge to Tower.

Going back past a section of the curtain wall.  

Sorry I have not posted any more but the site we are on is dead wifi wise so I could only post from the service area as I have done before. Will try to catch up on the other blogs that |I have missed once I have returned home.

Thanks as always for taking the time to look.

Best Regards, Mike,


  1. Hi Mike and Sue, looks great especially high up...dont worry about posting on the blog, I'm sure we will have loads to see when you return......Have a good time and a great b'day Mike,
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Great pictures Mike... I've been to Dover Castle many times and it's so interesting.
    Good that you are having a wonderful time ... the weather is kind this year lol
    Eileen xxx

  3. If you had a decent phone you could use mobile internet but of course you don't. lol

    Great shot of the gateway Mike.

    When you get home I will race you up Prince Charles.... Hee he

    I am glad you had a good time, did you see Richard and if so how is his ankle?

    1. No it's a decent phone company I require.
      Didn't see any of the crowd and I was there all week, bit of a shame really.
      Great event but a bit dusty.