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Friday, 12 July 2013

Woodchurch Windmill

Hi folks,

after the flowers we trundled up the hill to see if the Windmill was open.

To our delight, yes it was and a view across country.

Although the windmill does work, the conservationists are waiting for repairs to the sails.

Inside in the top under the cap are the gears which transported the power from the sails to the mill stone .

After borrowing a ladder I climbed to get a view out of the window just below the cap with the town of Woodchurch in the distance.

On the Miller floor with the grain hoppers which fed the stone behind.

Upper mill stone remover showing the surface which is adjustable.

Lower stone which rotated in the floor.

Governor to control the speed of the wheel, the miller had a lot to do controlling the different features of the mill.

The cupboards housed the sieves to make the fine grain for white bread, they rotated using the power from the belt drive.

Finally as we left you could hear the chains of the fantail as the whole structure turned in the wind. The windmill had turned 90 degrees in the hour we were there.

The car was the relief guide turning up for the last of the days tours.

Thanks for looking.

Best Regards, Mike.


  1. Every post is a powerhouse of information.....I learn so many fascinating facts from you Mike,
    Thank you, another wonderful post !
    Chris and Dave R

  2. I so agree with Chris ... I always enjoy these sorts of posted from you Mike and learn a lot too ! Eileen xxx