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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tanks for the Memory

Hi folks,

Just a few from the morning battle at War and Peace Revival, Folkestone last week. We had a great week there despite the dust.

This was a reenactment of a battle in the main arena.

Roll in the tanks.

These boys really entered into the spirit of the thing, love the mascots in plastic bags on the hatch. See the driver below with his goggles on, boy did he need them

Note the disabled sticker on the left hand front, apparently the driver really was. Just imagine him trying to park that in Tesco's. Later when we went to Sainsbury's the car park was full of Army vehicles getting their groceries and what a sight that was.

Apparently these beasts can inject fuel into the exhaust to make smoke to camouflage them.

This one didn't need to, dust everywhere.

As the battle continued the Germans took a direct hit.

Lastly the "mopping up" with the lads having a rough and tumble on the ground.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Good 'action' shots .. not so sure about all the dust ... must have been uncomfortable... still, maybe better than rain and MUD ! lol
    Eileen xx

  2. Well Mike I just love the commentary you give us,The shots are so atmospheric......Love the really 'dusty' one !
    Super, super fantastic stuff,
    Chris and Dave R