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Monday, 1 July 2013

Sandgate and the Canal

Hi folks,

Still taking the tablets and although very tired, off to the seaside we trundled, in the sunshine no less.

The sea looking a bit boring we popped across the road and down to the canal.

Down the steps to the canal.

Wild flowers along the bank.

Kendo calls this a "Corncockle".


A type of Fern

Just to finish, three ducks that wanted feeding.

More happened along the footpath but that's for another blog.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. Super post Mike... fond memories of this place. we used to go to 'Appledore' and spent some time wandering along the canal. What beautiful weather... I'm pleased the tablets seem to be working for you
    E xxx

  2. Wonderful memories of the Hythe Canal, Ron and I went there a lot in the winter, not so busy. I told you weeds where flowers in the wrong place, how lovely those weeds look. thanks for the ducks. Mrs Egg.

  3. We see such beauty in nature Mike and you seem to
    'capture the essence'......Such a pleasure to visit your blog !
    Chris and Dave R