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Monday, 15 July 2013

War and Peace show setting up!!

Hi folks,
as you know we are at the show going to other events such as Daisy's birthday and lots of other places in the surrounding area.

So first off we met up with the family at Hythe and went to the beach for a picnic which Dairy loves and collected some shells.

After lunch we said our goodbyes as we will be seeing them again at the end of the week for her birthday, she will be five next Friday. (Growing up fast).

Back to the show for a walk around whist loads of vehicles arrived and set up for the show.

Close up of the tracks.

As usual at this show vehicles start to be dismantled for running repairs. As Rodders would say, "Millioons" of vehicles all over the place and still they come.

This chap had the right idea after a trip up from Dorset, chill out in the evening sun.

In the still evening an air balloon with a good idea for a beer as it sailed across the sky.

So off to the NAFFI we strolled to get a well earned can of the nectar fluid, this shop is actually open till 11pm.

Walking back to the van as the sun set on another glorious day near the coast. Think we are going to enjoy ourselfs, the weather is looking good for the whole week

Hope you all had a great Sunday in the sunshine and thanks for dropping by.

Ps, wifi is not very good on site so we are going to the local services to post this.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. Daisy is the shining star,Such a great shot !I think you've picked the best week Mike so enjoy yourselves....
    Chris and Dave R

  2. OOo great shot of a pretty little girl ! xx
    I look forward to my morning coffee and Mikes super blog posts. Keep 'em coming !
    E xx

  3. Hi Mr Mechanic, glad to read your blog again. Daisy looks lovely in her summer outfit. hope you are both having a lovely time. Mrs Egg.