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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bee for we left Fort Amherst

Hi folks,

Just a small blog tonight as lots happening this week.

looking around the fort I found this sign and decided to investigate.

Sure enough in an area we found the hives.

with water near by and a lot of activity.

Finally one on it's own, I am becoming fascinated with these creatures and starting to learn more about then and there plight with modern technology.

Lots more to learn but that's for later.

Thanks for looking.

Beast Regards, Mike


  1. Interesting stuff Mike... did you buy some honey?
    Not everyone understands how much we need bees to sustain our world Mike, do they?
    E xx

  2. Morning Mike / Eileen

    I did not know that they had bees there as I was there last year on the Kent Hop.

    I like the picture of the bee on the flower.
    Have a good weekend both

  3. One of my favourites in nature.......Such fascinating creatures,
    I'm buzzin now.....nice to be home !
    Chris and Dave R