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Monday, 1 July 2013

A Ducking and a Dancing Daisy

Hi folks,

as you know we went to the coast on Saturday and spent some time by the canal. All was quiet and peaceful until a load of canoeists arrived at the end of their outing.

As it was the end of their lesson, each in turn capsized their canoes in a life saving exercise.

Watch the blue one about to tip over.

All safely on the shore and out of the water, each in time stood their canoe on end to drain the water.

The main reason for the trip was to see our little princess take part in her ballet production on stage  in the Tower Theatre, Folkestone which was a delight to see. Daisy is the one on the far right of the stage.

Sue and I were thrilled to see her in her first time on stage. There she is be it the smallest in the group

Well done Daisy we are all so proud.

Best Regards, Mike


  1. Lovely blog. great photos of Daisy. glad the show went well. you must be very proud of her.

  2. Catch up

    Daisy looks so tiny in that row Mike. She looks like she is enjoying herself.

    The priory is a nice place if it doesn't rain. I have a car show on the 28 July.

    The wire spider looks great.

    I have had so bad times fishing in the canal as I have not caught much there but it is a nice place to wander around.

    Have fun and get better soon

  3. Proud moments......Lovely memories captured,
    well done Mike !
    Chris and Dave R